What is the disease that makes babies look old?

Answer Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome

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What is the condition during diabetes that makes you have very large babies?

Answer The acquisition of diabetes mellitus during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes, and it can result in large offspring like you've described.

Whats the name of the female disease that makes my wife sit on the couch watching tv 24-7 and do nothing?

Dude!! You have more guts than I ever will !!! I've never been married but I've noticed an odd thing with couples - one person or the other always gets lazier while the other gets more responsib... Read More »

This morning I heard that babies/young children can see ghosts and so on. It makes me wonder if it's true?

as adults we tell ourselves that there is no such thing as ghosts so we're not as receptive to them, but kids don't know any better, so they are more likely to see them

What is harlequin icthyosis disease on babies?

it makes the skin so tight that it forms diamond like patterns on it and it makes your eyelids inside out and i think your mouth too so your eyes ad mouth are all blood red with the skin tightened.... Read More »