What is the differnce b/w a 42'' LCD television and a 42" Plasma Television..?

Answer In which city are you in?

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What is better to own Plasma Television or LCD Television Why ?

Should you Buy an LCD Television or a Plasma Television?

LCD because plasma TVs get extremely hot very fast and can make the room feel like a furnace. And LCDs take a very long time to get hot

What is better for a 37" television, LCD or Plasma?

This is easy, since nobody is making 37 inch plasmas at the moment, you don't have a choice.You have to go LCD. But I have to laugh at the fanboys that are trashing plasma. The best plasma TVs, con... Read More »

What is the better television plasma or led televisions?

It all depends on who made the plasma TV. Many television manufacturers have quit making plasmas because they couldn't figure out a way of making them reliable. Panasonic is the only company I am p... Read More »