What is the different between s video cable and ypbpr cable?

Answer S-Video is a type of composite video signal. The 4 pins are Chrominance, Luminance, and 2 grounds. Your standard composite video cable combines Chrominance and Luminance into one signal, which is t... Read More »

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What exactly is the difference between using an S-video Cable and the yellow av component cable?

First of all, remember that PS2 doesn't do 1080i or any other flavor of HD - but you'll still get a slick picture on your TV.Color video is made out of red, green, blue, and synchronization signals... Read More »

Which cable delivers a higher quality PICTURE, a component video cable or an s-video cable?

Component is the best choice. Component supports progressive scan and Enhanced Definition (EDTV- 480p) and High Definition (HDTV- 720p, 1080i) S-video will give you a decent picture but it will not... Read More »

Is their a different between a $35 HDMI cable and a $200 HDMI cable?

as long as it carries the electrical current, a 900 dollar hdmi cable will perform the same as a 3 dollar hdmi cable

What are the different types of video cable connection?

There are many. Most common of those are: [ANALOG] - RF signal -- this is only partially "cable", since the signal is modulated onto a carrying frequency and sent as radio waves (this is the sign... Read More »