What is the different between rooting and jailbreaking?

Answer This title is not Adroid change to Android. Well, you go to a Verizon Wireless, T-mobile, or At&T store and just look around for a good android phone, then BUY IT. Or you can buy it offline on any ... Read More »

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How to Make a Rooting Tonic?

Rooting tonics, also called rooting hormones or rooting compounds, are products that contain plant growth hormones used to stimulate root growth during plant propagation. Many commercially-sold roo... Read More »

How do you make homemade rooting gel?

I'm not sure about Gel but this is how you could make homemade rooting compound.;_ylt=Au1F…

Rooting for android question (help)?

Rooting your phone does nothing to the software or firmware, it just allows you to make changes you wouldn't be able to otherwise. If you just root your phone and don't install any custom roms it w... Read More »

On who would you test the rooting reflex and how would you do it?

For a human or mammalian infant , put it to the breast and watch if it seeks the nipple on its' own. If your'e looking for truffles, whether with a pig or a dog , let them smell a truffle in a clot... Read More »