What is the different between HD ready and Full HD 1080p?

Answer HD ready has nothing to do with the lines of resolution. It simply means that the TV can display a HD signal, from a HD source, but doesn't have an HD tuner built in.

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What's the difference between 1080i, "Full HD," and 1080p picture resolution?

1080p is "Full HD". While 1080i is still "HD quality" 1080p is the highest resolution that consumer HDTV's come in. "p" stands for "progressive" and is generally superior to "i" or "interlaced". Wi... Read More »

Difference between full HD and HD ready?

"HD ready " says that the television can display an image from an HD signal, whether it is a 1080 or 720 line format. However, it makes no claims about the resolution of the screen itself. Some HD ... Read More »

Difference between HD and full HD and HD ready?

There are many descriptions of HD in use, some coined by viewers and many introduced by manufacturers and marketers trying to separate their products from the competition. Full HD is not a term th... Read More »

Whats the difference between a HD Ready TV, and Full HD TV.?

Wondergeezer has the correct tech specs (Screen resolution - HD ready = 720, Full HD = 1080), but I'd like to add a little more.If you're in the market for a new TV, get full HD. HD ready is simpl... Read More »