What is the difference of Foster and Adopted?

Answer im 13 and i think that's gross. but anyways, just simply give em a talk sayin don't do that. make sure u say u love them at the end. its optional about grounding them though. I would if i was in ur... Read More »

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Does an adopted child have any say in who their adoptive parents will be For example may a teen in foster care who is going to be adopted decide if heshe wants to live with this new family?

Yes, when the family appeals in court the child gets the choice to say accept or deny this family.

What do people think about adopted or foster kids?

This question doesn't make much sense, as people have different opinions. I think it's sad that there are kids out there with no mum or dad.

Former/aged out foster youth who were not adopted, what are you doing for christmas?

Well, this year I'm working a 20 hour shift at work (double time baby) haha.I celebrated my Christmas when my husband came home for leave from Iraq in November. I've picked up a lot of my husband's... Read More »

You are a foster parent you are in Michigan a foster parent support group looking for a adult foster child to come and share their story with about 200 other children and foster parents.please help us?

Your question is unclear to me. However, I will let you know about me.I was a foster child, along with my 4 siblings, as our mother died when i was 3. I/we were raised in foster homes until we each... Read More »