What is the difference in lines for fishing?

Answer There are several different types of fishing line on the market. On the store shelf and out of the water, these lines are hard to distinguish from each other. However, when in the water, fishing li... Read More »

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What is the difference in lb. in fishing lines?

One of the most influential aspects of fishing is the fishing line. These lines vary in composition but also in the amount of pressure they can take. This amount of pressure is defined by the pound... Read More »

How to Compare Fishing Lines?

Different factors determine what type of fishing line you may need. With a wide variety of fishing lines on the market, choosing the right one is not as daunting as you may think. Before you make a... Read More »

Monofilament vs. Braided Fishing Lines?

Monofilament fishing line, commonly referred to as "mono" by many fisherman, was once the leading fishing line used by anglers, but as technology advanced, so did fishing lines. The braided line ha... Read More »

How Do I Run Fishing Lines Off Planer Boards?

Trolling increases the area you can cover while fishing from a boat. The lines you are fishing while trolling extend out the back of your boat, which limits the area you can fish. Planer boards cau... Read More »