What is the difference in human&animal hair clippers?

Answer Many pet owners have considered their own hair trimmers on their dog, especially for an easy trip around the face. It is important to understand the differences between human hair trimmers and pet ... Read More »

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Are dog hair clippers the same as human hair clippers?

On One Hand: About Dog ClippersMade to cut through the thicker hair found on dogs, dog hair clippers are more durable than human hair clippers and normally have higher motor speeds. According to P... Read More »

What Do the Numbers for Hair Clippers Mean?

When cutting hair, you will use a few different utensils, including hair clippers. Each hair clipper has a guard with a specific number written on it. To avoid problems, it is important to know wha... Read More »

What Different Numbers Are There on Clippers for Hair Cuts?

Whether you're a woman who plans to help a man trim his scalp or facial hair, or a man who wants to try to groom himself instead of visit a barber, you'll need to know what the numbered settings on... Read More »

How to Cut My Own Hair With Oster Classic 76 Hair Clippers?

Cutting your own hair is a way to save money. The Oster Classic 76 hair clipper is a traditional model that's still quite popular. It's heavier than other hair clippers and has a louder motor. Sinc... Read More »