What is the difference in an iPhone and a Smartphone?

Answer The iPhone is more expensive and not as goodAlso you need to have AT&T

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What is the difference between a iPhone and a smartphone?

A smartphone is a term that means it can have apps or do stuff that your average phone cannot do.An Iphone is just the best smartphone (my opinion)

What is the difference between a smartphone and a tablet?

Phone: Primary purpose is making phone calls.Tablet: Mini computers primarily targeted at office work and web browsing. They should also tack a keyboard, and touch should be the input method.

What Is a Smartphone and an iPhone?

The gold standard for high-tech personal electronics was once the personal digital assistant, or PDA. In the 21st century, the PalmPilot and Pocket PC PDA platforms have lost significant market sha... Read More »

What smartphone has an app store like the iPhone?

Apple's appstore is by far the most secure as they review all code.