What is the difference in a human fetus and a pig fetus?

Answer One is genetically a pig, the other is genetically a human. It's all about them number of chromosomes....

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Why a 7 month old fetus has more chance to survive after premature delivery than an 8 months old fetus?

Answer well since i been doing research on fetuses, my girlfriend is pregnant i believe that a 7 month old fetus can survive preterm birth because of development, so does the 8 month old fetus, but... Read More »

Will the yolk sac found during an ultrasound given at 8 weeks develop into a fetus while the other sac has clearly already developed into a fetus during a multiple birth?

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When does a fetus become a human?

There are many different opinions, religious and personal, about the exact point when a fetus becomes a human. This issue is quite controversial for many. Some say that a fetus is a person when it ... Read More »

Is a Fetus a Human Being?

Answer Biologically a fetus is human in that its cells are clealy those of a homo sapiens and not another mammal, and if it successfully continues development a human being will result.There is gre... Read More »