What is the difference from faxing and scanning a paper?

Answer Hey!Faxing: Faxing requires a faxing supporting machine with a phone line. So if you want to send some data or work to another person, you would need their fax number, and then you send it. When th... Read More »

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Where do u put the paper you are faxing?

If it's mine, I put it in the document feeder. If I'm at a strange place, I normally just put it on the glass.So many document feeders don't work very well.

Scanning paper documents into Word?

First, you can get Free OCR which is a very good OCR program that will open your jpeg . Just press the MS Word button in the program and it will automatically convert your image to editable text in... Read More »

What is the difference between scanning and photocopying?

As an artist you would want to scan the picture in at the highest quality you can. Once it is scanned in you can store it on your computer and even put it into a paint program and adjust it for pri... Read More »

Using reg paper still having trouble scanning coupons at store is there a good setting that could help this?

You may also want to check your black ink in your printer. You may want to try printing the coupon in "Grayscale" or black and white.One last option may be to print the coupon to a PDF using PDF pr... Read More »