What is the difference between yagi antenna and dipole antenna?

Answer A yagi is a dipole with one or more DIRECTORS and a REFLECTOR added to it. It makes the dipole more directional and stronger.

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What is a dipole antenna?

A dipole antenna is a simple antenna made of wire and connected in the center with a source-fed singles antenna. Dipole antennas are most common with ham radios, but can be attached to any device.R... Read More »

How to Ground a Dipole Antenna?

The process of grounding an antenna is connecting wire to the antenna and radio to help redirect any lightening strikes or static electricity away from the equipment and house. The higher the anten... Read More »

How Do I Make a Yagi USB Antenna?

A Yagi antenna will increase the directionality and gain of your computer's internal antenna and allow you to locate and receive Wi-Fi signals and a greater range. The USB adapter allows you to eas... Read More »

What is a yagi-uda three element directional antenna?

The Yagi-Uda is a directional antenna that uses coupled parallel dipoles to maximize reception. Its design specifically reduces signal-to-noise ratio, improving the reception of radio waves across ... Read More »