What is the difference between yagi antenna and dipole antenna?

Answer A yagi is a dipole with one or more DIRECTORS and a REFLECTOR added to it. It makes the dipole more directional and stronger.

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What is the difference between an active antenna and a standard antenna?

An active antenna has a amplifier built in, a standard antenna does not. AKA powered antenna.

How can you tell the difference between a CB antenna and a VHF antenna?

The CB antenna is made for a limited band of frequencies and the VHF is a wide band antenna made for higher freqs. A CB antenna will not make a good tv antenna. A CB ant. is mounted on the vertical... Read More »

What is a dipole antenna?

A dipole antenna is a simple antenna made of wire and connected in the center with a source-fed singles antenna. Dipole antennas are most common with ham radios, but can be attached to any device.R... Read More »

What is a yagi-uda three element directional antenna?

The Yagi-Uda is a directional antenna that uses coupled parallel dipoles to maximize reception. Its design specifically reduces signal-to-noise ratio, improving the reception of radio waves across ... Read More »