What is the difference between wine & champagne?

Answer Technically champagne is sparkling wine from the Champagne district of France, all other "champagnes" are just sparkling wine. Regular wine is not carbonated. gs

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What is the Difference Between White Wine Vinegar and Champagne Vinegar?

Wine vinegars have many culinary uses, adding an acidic taste to foods. Although similar in appearance and other aspects, white wine vinegar and champagne vinegar have some differences.ProcessThe w... Read More »

How to Make Champagne Wine?

Bragging rights might trump quality when making your own champagne. Champagne was first made in the province of Champagne, France, and was the original sparkling wine. The process was long and comp... Read More »

What is stronger wine or champagne?

Champagne is a wine. It is a lower alcohol wine, but, there are still wines with lower alcohol. Most red wines are stronger than Champagne, but not all. Some whites are stronger, some weaker, ma... Read More »

Non-alcoholic Wine/Champagne?

That is a very touchy subject. Some addicts cannot flirt with any resemblance of their drug of near-beer, mock cocktails, or even sparkling cider. The whole taste/smell and ritual of ... Read More »