What is the difference between union and union territory?

Answer The Union were those states that had not broken away to form the Confederate States of America.After the outbreak of war, Union territory included whatever Southern areas the Union forces had manag... Read More »

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What was the purpose of Lee moving his Army of Northern Virginia into Union territory and why was so important that Meade's Army of the Potomac track him in The Killer Angels?

Lee had won his last six encounters with the Potomac Army and was confident. He wanted to mount an offense, rather than just defend the South. There was no force preventing his move north, as long ... Read More »

Do I need to join the carpenter's union to work at Union Pacific?

People hired by Union Pacific to work jobs subject to collective bargaining agreements will have union dues deducted from their paycheck. Carpenter positions are union jobs and a person is part of ... Read More »

What is the difference between confederate and union soldiers?

What is the difference between a commercial bank&credit union?

A credit union differs from a commercial bank in two areas. First, a credit union is considered a non-profit organization and does not have to pay federal taxes. Second, membership in a credit unio... Read More »