What is the difference between turmeric& curry?

Answer Cooks use both turmeric and curry in cooking to flavor and color dishes. Flavor strength depends on ingredients, freshness and whether the spices were properly stored.IngredientsCurry powder or pas... Read More »

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Can you honestly tell the difference in taste between a thai green curry or a red one?

There are some differences in taste and ingredients, just like red and white wine.White whine is good with fish or seafood, the other one we drink with meat in a meal.We use green curry paste when ... Read More »

What's the difference between red, green and yellow thai curry (besides the color)?

Green curry and red curry are easily the most popular curries, utilizing chili peppers, garlic, lemon grass, and coconut milk, among other essential herbs and spices, depending upon the region or b... Read More »

How to Make Papad Curry (Poppadams Curry)?

This awesome dish can be served with rice or with roti. This is a quick recipe for instant gratification of the taste buds!

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