What is the difference between trade school and college?

Answer Trade schools (also known as vocational schools) instruct students on skills that are job-specific and are based on an apprenticeship model of learning. Trade schools generally take a shorter time... Read More »

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What is the difference between trade school&college?

Differences between trade school and college include both the amount of time spent in school, and focus. College typically requires a four-year commitment, and is academic-based learning. Trade sch... Read More »

What is the difference between college&a trade school?

Colleges and trade schools both fall into the category of institutions of higher education. They train students to enter the job market. The difference between colleges and trade schools consist of... Read More »

College or Trade School Options?

You can choose from different types of trade schools or colleges, although you may find some schools financially inaccessible unless you qualify for scholarship assistance. Apart from financial con... Read More »

Could a person still go to college or trade school after bankruptcy?

Yes, you can get fin aid after bankruptcy. They do not do a credit check or require a cosigner for federal student loans. You just can't have current defaulted student loans in your history.