What is the difference between these 2 external HDDs?

Answer 1. No the first one should be more expensive since it has an ethernet. This means that it can be attached to a switch or a hub and any computer in the network can access the hard disk. The one with... Read More »

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Fastest SATA HDDs?

Hi. This test might help, but I don't know the date.

Is having 2 HDDs (SSD + regular) on a laptop possible?

IT IS! But there are a couple of conditions:1. Your laptop should have two hard drive bays so that you can install the twoor2. Get rid of the Optical Drive and put in the are the 2nd drive.Keep in ... Read More »

Difference Between Internal and External Auditing?

An audit is a rendering of independent and expert opinion on the financial reports of an organization. Financial statements are management's responsibility. The auditor's role is to render their cr... Read More »

What is the difference between an external&internal dvd burner?

The biggest difference between an internal DVD burner and an external one is where they are located. An internal burner is installed on your computer, while an external DVD burner is connected to t... Read More »