What is the difference between the sleep during the daytime and the nighttime?

Answer Florida definently

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How to Turn Daytime Makeup Into Nighttime Makeup?

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How to Sleep During Daytime?

You might get along fine with your neighbor until you start working nights... then, when he starts up the lawnmower at 9 AM Saturday morning, an hour after you got to sleep, suddenly you feel like ... Read More »

What's difference between sleep and hibernate?

sleep is a low-power state, meaning that your computer is technically on but most of it's components are off (such as the hard drive) hibernate on the other hand takes everything that is stored in ... Read More »

The Difference Between REM Sleep and NREM?

During sleep the body and the brain rest and rejuvenate. Scientists can record brain activity during sleep with a machine called an electroencephalograph. The EEG shows two basic patterns of activi... Read More »