What is the difference between the female margay&the male margay?

Answer The margay, a small, spotted cat related to the ocelot, originates in the jungles of Central and South America. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature classifies the margay as near ... Read More »

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How do I tell the difference between a male& female fox?

GenitaliaCheck the fox's privates if you can get close enough. Male foxes sport a noticeable penis sheath, while female foxes will display enlarged mammaries while raising kits. In most cases, you ... Read More »

How do i tell the difference between male&female wasps?

Count and compare the separate terga, or black and yellow sections on the bottom portion of each wasp. While male wasps have six, female wasps have more. A female wasp will have a stinger while the... Read More »

How do i tell the difference between male&female chicks?

You can purchase chicks from a feed store or a hatchery, and can raise them as pets, or for the family table. If you purchased chicks for laying eggs, you may wonder if any of your chicks are femal... Read More »

How Do I Tell the Difference from a Male or Female Snail?

Male or Female Snail?Look at the aperture, or opening, of the snail's shell. In some species, the aperture will be larger in males than females. This is because the male snail has a large penial co... Read More »