What is the difference between the US marine combat training in World War 2 and modern day Marine combat training?

Answer The Marine training of World War 2 is the same as the training of today except now we have more modern armament and computerized equipment the Marine recruits have to learn about now. It has always... Read More »

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Can you read books at Marine Corps Marine Combat Training School?

Most Field Manuals are considered to be acceptable leisure reading material.

How is marine combat training?

Very hard. Some days you only get like 4 hours of sleep. Weapons training,tactical drills,field demo's for live combat...etc.

How long is Marine combat training?

Marine combat training lasts 12 weeks. These weeks are called: Receiving, In the Barracks, Bayonet Assault Course, Pugil Sticks, MCMAP, Rappelling, Grass Week, Firing Week, The Confidence Course, ... Read More »

Marine Corps Combat Branches How do I sign up for the Marine's Special Operations Rapid Response Team?

Rapid Response Teams are defined per task; not as a permanent operations command within the USMC. The SpecOps group within the USMC are Force Reconnaissance Marines (FORECON).