What is the difference between US Marines and US Army?

Answer Marines has to deal with the sea, because marine means the sea. The Marines are a sea to land combat force and branched off the navy (so did the coast guard. The army is more of a Land or a Air to... Read More »

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What is the difference between army rangers and the marines?

Well the short answer is that they are different branches of the military. The long answer is this and I'll try to be as indifferent as possible. Ill compare the rangers to Marine Corps infantry. ... Read More »

Can you switch from the army to the marines after going through Army ROTC and becoming an Officer?

If you go from the marines corp to the army as a E-4 what rank will you be in the army?

You most likely will keep the same rank. You might be able to get a promotion if the MOS you are going into needs people but the person that would have the best answer would probably be a recruiter... Read More »

What is the difference between enlisting with the army vs doing the rotc program and going into the army as an officer?

Irregardless you will need to enlist into the Army, the ROTC program offered through some colleges requires you to be in the Army Reserves prior to applying for the Scholarship, it is your choice o... Read More »