What is the difference between termite worker and termite soldier?

Answer Workers protect and care for the eggs/lava + find food and soldiers guard the nest

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Is there a difference between termite bond&termite protection plan?

There is no difference between a termite bond and termite protection plan. They can be purchased from exterminators and act as insurance policies against future infestation. Homeowners should be ca... Read More »

Do it Yourself Termite Spray?

Termites put so much fear in the hearts of homeowners not only because of structural damage, but also because of the exorbitant cost of extermination. Further, some fumigation techniques such as te... Read More »

What does a termite mound look like?

Insecta Inspecta World and Dr Dons Termite Pages show that termite mounds look somewhat like old, porous, tall tree trunks sticking out of the ground, even though they are simply vertical piles of ... Read More »

What is the size of a termite?

Typically, termites are one-eighth inch long, according to They can grow to be as much as three-eighths of an inch long in warm and wet places, such as Florida. Actual size wi... Read More »