What is the difference between "stuffing" and "dressing" (I am talking turkey here.)?

Answer I'd say that stuffing is dressing, but stuffed into the turkey!

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What is the difference between talking action and siri iPhone 4S?

Yes, just go in the network settings and turn off Enable 3G.

Survey: Dressing or Stuffing?

DressingBQ Stuffing is in the birdBQ2 Dressing. My dad made the best , gosh I miss him so much!!

How to Make Turkey Stuffing?

Want the most delicious turkey stuffing this Thanksgiving? You don't have to go to a lot of hard work to get that homemade taste. Just "doctor up" a bag of her seasoned cubes!

Turkey stuffing expired?

Of course it's safe to eat... that's a sell-by date... not an eat by date. It's absolutely fine to eat. And yes, I know what I'm talking about.