What is the difference between spot&forward currency rates?

Answer Currency exchange rates are changing all the time. Various terms such as "spot rate," "forward rate" and "futures price" can be confusing to people who are not involved in currency trading. These t... Read More »

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What Is the Relationship Between Interest Rates & Currency?

In economic theory, if the interest rates in one country increase, then the currency value of that country will increase as a reaction. If the interest rates decrease, then the opposite effect of d... Read More »

Difference Between Hard & Soft Currency?

A hard currency is one that remains unchanged and consistent in the core values that underpin it regardless of changing economic circumstances. It remains strong and retains the intrinsic determina... Read More »

The Difference Between Fixed & Floating Exchange Rates?

Exchange rates determine the value of money when exchanged. A fixed exchange rate means the amount of currency received is set in advance. A floating exchange rate means that the rate is moving and... Read More »

Why do currency rates fluctuate?

Day to day and even minute to minute, currency rates fluctuate. While this can be frustrating for a traveler or international business person, fluctuating rates are necessary and not without reason... Read More »