What is the difference between sony blu ray players and the playstation 3?

Answer The difference is that the sony blu ray players only play blu ray dvd's. The playstation 3 plays blu ray dvd's as well as games. For a gamer, the playstation 3 is recommended.

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What is the difference between blu ray players and DVD players?

There are some major differences between Blu Ray players and DVD players. Among the most important is that you cannot play a Blu Ray disk on a regular DVD player.

What is the difference between blu-ray and normal DVD players?

Because you haven't properly energized it. Shake it and throw it against the wall to recharge the "loading time" capacitors.

What is the technical difference between CD and DVD players?

They use different wavelengths. The data pits on a dvd are smaller & more densely packed. DVD's pack 6 times the information as a CD. More info in the link below: Read More »

What is the Difference between Bose 321 and Blue ray players?