What is the difference between sony blu ray players and the playstation 3?

Answer The difference is that the sony blu ray players only play blu ray dvd's. The playstation 3 plays blu ray dvd's as well as games. For a gamer, the playstation 3 is recommended.

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Will a Sony PlayStation remote work with a Sony Blu-ray player?

Although Sony makes both the PlayStation and a separate Blu-ray player, the PlayStation remote is not compatible with the stand alone Blu-ray player. The PS3 uses bluetooth technology, while the Bl... Read More »

How to Play Two Players on Area 51 for Playstation 2?

"Area 51" is a video game that has gamers portray a HAZMAT agent who encounters aliens at the fabled Area 51 test base in Nevada. Available on the PlayStation 2, as well as Xbox and PC, the game fe... Read More »

Is Sims 2 Pets for two players on the PlayStation 2?

The Sims 2: Pets for the PlayStation 2 only allows one player per game. A second player may have his own file, which contains his game data, but two players cannot play at the same time.References:... Read More »

Is there truly a difference in blue ray players vs regular dvd players?

Before you spew your opinion about something maybe you should look at an example of Blu-Ray on a HD 1080p LCD vs an up scaled DVD??? You obviously haven't since you don't see a difference in the di... Read More »