What is the difference between baking soda&washing soda?

Answer The names are an indication of the difference. Baking soda is used in cooking, washing soda for washing purposes. To learn why, one has to know their chemical compositions.Chemical CompositionSodiu... Read More »

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Me and my friend are opening a soda bar. regular soda is great but what would be good soda mixtures?

personally i know frutopia and sprite is good but fresca and sprite works too

What is the difference between soda&carbonated water?

Identifying the difference between soda and carbonated water can be a matter of semantics. Soda, soda water, seltzer water, club soda and carbonated water are all similar, though some have their ow... Read More »

What's the difference between Seltzer and Club Soda?

Club soda has a higher sodium content. Virtually same thing.A: I get this question all the time. There are very subtle differences between carbonated water, seltzer and club soda products. Tonic, h... Read More »

Can people taste the differents between diet soda and regular soda?

I can tell the difference between regular and diet soda by both taste and smell. I can't stand diet - it tastes phony and has too many chemicals in it, plus I am allergic to artificial sweeteners ... Read More »