What is the difference between skin tags&warts?

Answer Skin tags and warts are both harmless growths that appear on the skin. However, there are key differences in their appearance and why they occur.SignificanceWarts are small growths that are brought... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Waxing Fair Skin & Dark Skin?

Darker skin and fair skin have different reactions to waxing. Waxes and supplies for both skin types are interchangeable. Time spent performing the procedure varies, depending on the hair's growth ... Read More »

What is the difference of fruit skin and pulp?

Fruit skin is the outer "edge" of the fruit. It is also known as the peel and is generally discarded as inedible. There are certain fruits where this is inadvisable, such as the apple, grape, and t... Read More »

How to Make a Significant Difference to Your Skin and Clear up Your Acne?

Acne is a massive part of teenage life and even some adult lives! Whatever form your acne takes, it is perfectly normal. Here are some tips to make a significant difference to your skin and begin t... Read More »

I have blothy skin and acne scars. Will professional microdermabrasion really make a difference?

I had micro and yes it did help, alot, I will never have Christie brinkly skin but the scars are sooooooooo much better, really, it worked for me...good luck with that and your baby...