Acrylic versus silicone caulk what is the difference?

Answer Seems to read that you've gotten opinions about what's better. Better is a relative word, but for your application Silicone would be superior to Acrylic. The difference for one thing is that silico... Read More »

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How to Remove Silicon Wax?

Silicone-based waxes are used most often on automobiles, but they can also be used on boats and other outdoor recreational vehicles as well. As the name implies, the wax is composed mainly of clear... Read More »

What is a silicon diode?

Silicon diodes are semiconductor devices that control the flow of electricity in a circuit. Diodes have an anode and a cathode. When current connects to the anode, it passes out through the cathode... Read More »

How many valences are in silicon?

The element silicon contains four valences. A valence refers to the maximum chemical bonds that an atom can use. An element shares its electrons with other elements, in order to become stable. Sinc... Read More »

How many protons does silicon have?

The element silicon has 14 protons in its nucleus, giving it an atomic number of 14. Twenty-one isotopes of silicon have been identified, having atomic weights from 22 to 42. It belongs to group 14... Read More »