What is the difference between shocks and struts?

Answer Shocks and struts both provide for a smoother ride by keeping your suspension even and absorbing bumps so you do not feel them when driving down the road.ShocksShocks attach directly from the frame... Read More »

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The Differences Between Shocks, Springs and Struts?

Shocks, springs and struts are all designed to lessen the impact of bumps and improve comfort while riding in a car. Roads are filled with small surface imperfections that can shake the car and the... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Struts & Spring?

When you pass over a pothole or bounce over a bump, you are experiencing the springs and struts of your car at work. Both contribute to an automobile's ride and handling and are essential pieces o... Read More »

What Are Struts & Shocks?

Struts and shocks are on your vehicle to limit how far the suspension can travel. When struts and shocks are working properly, a vehicle will not bounce continually, even when on an uneven road. T... Read More »

Do I need new shocks& struts?

On One Hand: Bounce Test and Test Drive.To test if new shocks and struts are needed, bounce the car by hand. If the shocks and struts allow more than one or two vibrations before dampening out the ... Read More »