What's the difference between Seltzer and Club Soda?

Answer Club soda has a higher sodium content. Virtually same thing.A: I get this question all the time. There are very subtle differences between carbonated water, seltzer and club soda products. Tonic, h... Read More »

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Club soda better or sparkling water better for mixing with juice?

Both work fine. But Club Soda has Sodium Bicarbonate. An alkali that will neutralize some of the acid in the juice. Probably not enough for most people to notice but it does affect the taste slightly.

What is the difference between soda&carbonated water?

Identifying the difference between soda and carbonated water can be a matter of semantics. Soda, soda water, seltzer water, club soda and carbonated water are all similar, though some have their ow... Read More »

DIY Seltzer Water?

If you love seltzer water but hate buying plastic-bottled drinks, make your own carbonated water at home with reusable bottles. Carbonation systems for the home kitchen include soda-making applianc... Read More »

What is Seltzer water for?

Seltzer water is a carbonated drink that has been put under pressure so that when you open the bottle the gases rush out, this creates a fizz. It can be added to a drink or drink mix that creates a... Read More »