What is the difference between scanner and photocopy machine?

Answer A scanner is essentially a "scanner" to scan documents into a computer. It cannot print!A photocopy machine is a "scanner" + "printer". It scans the document and makes copies of it.It might also ha... Read More »

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Wat is the difference between a scanner and a photo copy machine?

Photocopy machine is faster :)) but they are basically the same, a scanner processes the data it scanned for computer use, a photo copy machine uses the data itself. you will love below 2 articles ... Read More »

Difference Between a Photocopy & Ink Jet Print?

Comparing printing technologies is not a simple task. Photocopiers and ink jet printers depend on the quality of the printer, paper and the image being used. Assuming a photocopier and ink jet prin... Read More »

What is the difference between a digital trunking scanner and a police scanner app on an iphone or blackberry?

A digital trunk tracker scanner is a device that you can program to listen to public safety and other services that use digital radio systems or trunked radio systems.A police scanner app on a phon... Read More »

What is a photocopy machine?

A photocopy machine is an electronic device that copies an image, often from a piece of paper, to a new piece of paper. The device is often referred to simply as a copier.FeaturesAmong the features... Read More »