What are the difference between condo house rules and bylaws?

Answer Condominium communities -- private democracies, really -- operate the business of the community by way of governing documents. Typically, the list includes: Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and ... Read More »

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Difference between By Laws and Covenants in Home Owners Association?

You can think of the covenants -- properly, covenants, conditions, restrictions and reservations (CC&Rs) or decs (condominium declaration) -- as the association's constitution.The By-Laws, then, ar... Read More »

What are the rules or laws regarding homeowners with a pool and children are there laws that pool owners must abide by in California?

Answer Yes, there are many codes that govern swimming pools. Codes that dictate fencing, doors and windows to the pool area. Your local pool store can advise you via phone or if you prefer in pers... Read More »

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