Renting Vs. Leasing a House?

Answer Looking for a house to rent entails considering many factors. Deciding on where you want to live, the size of the home you need and the school district are only a few of the important details to an... Read More »

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Qualifications for Renting a House Through HUD?

Since its inception, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has provided assistance to those seeking affordable housing. HUD does this in various ways, such as by helping apartment o... Read More »

My house i'm renting was sold! what can i do!?

Move out. YOu have no choice. Talk to a lawyer.

Can u be kicked out of the house ur renting if?

What is the difference between leasing a car&buying one?

Correctly determining whether to buy or lease your next car can save you money. The typical car lease lasts between two and four years, and the typical car loan lasts four to six years, according t... Read More »