What is the closest beer from… to a light beer like miller lite?

Answer Not really but if Rolling Rock is on the list go for it.

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What makes light beer a light beer?

Fewer calories than regular beer. Many, but not all, lite beers have the same alcohol content as regular beer.

Can i use a regular bucket to brew my own beer?

You COULD do it that way (and people I know have done it), but it is not recommended for the 21st century. The main reason is that, even if you made a great beer the first time, it would most likel... Read More »

How much is red stripe beer in the USA by the six pack out of a regular store please..?

A 6 pack of Red Stripe is anywhere from $8 to $10.

Beer question: What would be a really good foreign beer to buy for the hubby as a gift?

I would say you can't go wrong with a good Belgium or German brew, almost any, and then maybe a British pub Ale like Boddingtons? irish Stout like Murphy's or Beamish or Guinness of course. mmmmmm ... Read More »