What is the difference between radio waves&cell phone waves?

Answer Cell phone signals are transmitted through the medium of electromagnetic waves. The types of waves that make up the electromagnetic spectrum include (in part) radio waves, microwaves, infrared wave... Read More »

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Is their a difference between an ear bud for a cell phone and a 2 way radio?

What is the difference between electrmagnetic waves and lasers?

Electromagnetic waves are generated through frequency oscillations which usually involve a coil of wire or in an extension such as a transmitting antenna. Lasers are light, formed in a coherent bea... Read More »

Differences Between Infrared Light & Radio Waves?

As you walk barefoot on the sand, on a hot day, you will feel infrared light on your feet, even though it is not visible to you. While you surf the web, you are receiving radio waves. Infrared ligh... Read More »

Are RC car radio waves as strong as radio waves for music radios?

Radio-controlled cars carry small transmitters that run off of batteries, while radio station transmission towers are run off an electric power grid; therefore, an RC car transmitter's radio wave o... Read More »