What is the difference between primary&secondary succession?

Answer Primary succession is the migration of new species into a barren area, while secondary succession takes place where species are already established. Primary succession happens in areas denuded by ... Read More »

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Difference Between Succession Planning & High Potential Management?

Developing and retaining top management talent is a concern for corporations, but how to go about the process depends on your line of thinking. Succession planning, common for top executives such a... Read More »

What is the next succession after the Secretary of Homeland Security for the order of the presidential succession?

There is none; the Secretary of Homeland Security is last (18th) in the presidential line of succession. As of now, the Secretaries of Commerce and Labor are not natural-born citizens of the United... Read More »

What is the law of faunal succession?

The observation that animal and plant fossils succeed one another, in an orderly and predictable way, is the law of faunal succession. It provides the foundation for the geological time scale.Histo... Read More »

What is succession planning?

Succession planning is designed to help successfully continue a business beyond the current generation. There are variations according to size and type of business, but the primary focus is based o... Read More »