What is the difference between primary physical custody and sole custody?

Answer Answer Primary physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child resides with the majority of the time but, joint custody has been granted.Sole custody is when the child resides solely with... Read More »

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Is there a difference between primary physical custody and partial physical custody?

Answer Primary physical custody applies to whomever the children live with the majority of the time.Their "permanent residence".Partial physical custody, usually designates the parent who has the c... Read More »

What is the difference between physical and sole custody?

ANSWER: There is no difference. "Sole" is a type of physical custody. There is sole custody, primary custody, and joint custody. There is also legal custody, being sole or joint. Physical custody... Read More »

Is primary physical custody the same as sole custody?

Answerphysical means you got posession sole means you got it all

If you are seeking sole and primary physical custody of your infant is 3 and one-half days of visitation with the father considered joint custody?

Answer The extent of a parent(s) custody rights are determined by a court order. The ideal situation is for both parents to reach a workable, amicable decision. The time that is spent with a parent... Read More »