What is the difference between the different types of pool shock?

Answer If your pool is especially dirty after a long period of neglect or a large party, you need to disinfect and sanitize the water to make it safe for swimming. You can use a chlorine or non-chlorine s... Read More »

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What is the difference between Mil and Gauge thickness in pool liners?

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What is the difference between marcite and diamond brite for a pool?

Pump Sizing Determine how many gallons of water your swimming pool holds. You will also need to consider what size filter that you have. If you have an undersized filter to pump it can create filtr... Read More »

How big is a standard billiards pool table in centimeters?

Pool table size is measured based on playing area. Regulation pool tables have a play area of 127cm by 254cm. The three other standard pool table sizes are 116.8 by 233.7cm, 111.8 by 223.5cm and 99... Read More »

Difference Between Liquid Bleach & Pool Chlorine?

Pool owners often notice that the liquid chlorine they bought from the pool supply store has a smell and a color that is very familiar. That's because the active ingredient in liquid chlorine is so... Read More »