What is the difference between playing a Blue Ray Disk and playing a Blue Ray format file on computer?

Answer well technically its the same depending on how it was ripped. if its the actual blue ray dvd files and is true in size the thing would be massive. chances are its a mkv file format which is the sta... Read More »

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Will you be able to watch blue-ray DVD on your PC with regular DVD drive if you install blue-ray playing software?

Why do i get a blue screen and my computer crashes im playing the sims 3?

Remove and Re-install the game:First thing to do is to remove the game that you are trying to play on your computer. This step would ensure you that you are not playing a game that has damaged or c... Read More »

What if your blue ray DVD player is not playing?

Yes they do. Certain brands, such as Magnavox, can also play photo CDs.

Are there problems blue ray playing dvds?

No, a Blue Ray player gives you a more high quality picture and sound than a normal DVD player. Although, you can't use a normal DVD on a Blue Ray player you have to buy the DVD's that say Blue Ray... Read More »