How Can You Tell the Difference Between Animal, Bacteria & Plant Cells by Looking at Them?

Answer With a microscope, scientists can readily discern the differences between plant cells, animal cells and bacteria. These striking differences are the visible expressions of profound differences betw... Read More »

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What is the difference between an animal&a plant cell?

There are many distinct differences between plant cells and animal cells. However, there are some similarities. Both cell types have a nucleus that controls the cell's functions, both cell types ... Read More »

Is cell membrane found in animal cells or plant cells?

The cell membrane, the outside casing or membrane of a cell, is found in both plant and animal cells. In fact, the cell membrane is a universal feature found in the cells of all living organisms. T... Read More »

What does an animal cell have that plant cells don't?

Basic plant cells do not contain centrioles, lysosomes or intermediate filaments. Centrioles aid in animal cell division. Lysosomes break down wastes and debris in animal cells. Intermediate filame... Read More »

School Projects on Animal & Plant Cells?

Understanding the functions of plant and animal cells is a basic concept in biology. A variety of activities can assist the educator in introducing these concepts to students. Learning the basic ce... Read More »