What is the difference between parole&probation officers?

Answer The primary difference between parole and probation officers is their clientele. Parole officers handle adult offenders who have spent at least two years in prison, whereas probation officers hand... Read More »

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What is the difference between noncommissioned officers and commissioned officers?

The differences are vast and varied: Noncommissioned {Non Commissioned} Officers:Are never saluted (In some cases, enlisted salute each other as when reporting {to} their post or on Gaurd {guard}, ... Read More »

Does secret service have uniform officers as well as plain clothed officers?

Do women officers wear evening gowns to the officers' ball?

They may, but they may also wear dress whites, just as male officers may wear dress blues or dress whites. It really depends on what the order of dress is (uniform of the day).

Does The secret service has uniformed officers as well as plainclothed officers?

Secret service agents dress appropriately for the situation.