Similarities & Differences Between Osmosis & Diffusion?

Answer Osmosis is a particular type of diffusion, one in which water passes through the semi-permeable membrane of a cell. Diffusion, broadly defined, is the process by which molecules and particles move ... Read More »

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Difference Between Reverse Osmosis & Distilled?

Reverse osmosis and distillation are two different ways of purifying your water. They are both methods that require a mechanical set-up that is relatively easy to provide.

What Are Diffusion Sapphires?

Diffusion sapphires are those that have been heat-treated with chemicals in a process known as "bulk diffusion" to artificially alter their color. Does this Spark an idea?

What Is a Diffusion Gradient?

Diffusion, also known as migration, is the scientific name for the intermingling, or mixing, of the atoms, molecules or ions of two different substances in contact with each other. The substances c... Read More »

What Is a Diffusion Lens?

A blurry haze or a touch of softness are features that photographers often desire in their photos. It is hard to achieve this look with a standard lens, but adding a diffusion filter to a lens can ... Read More »