What is the difference between open&closed flowering?

Answer Open flowering plants, scientifically known as chasmogamous plants, and closed flowering plants, or cleistogamous plants, have more in common than differences. Open and closed flowering plants prod... Read More »

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What is the difference between a flowering and nonflowering plant?

Answer Flowering plants are called angiosperms and non-flowering ones are gymnosperms.

How do pink flowering dogwoods compare to white flowering ones (also are these the only two colours)?

Dogwoods also come in…red:…Pink and red dogwoods are less hardy than white. They are more prone to d... Read More »

What is a flowering perennial?

Flowering perennials are plants that grow and flower for more at least three seasons, with the root systems lying dormant during winter months. Gardeners commonly call them herbaceous perennial flo... Read More »

What is the name for non-flowering plants?

Non-flowering plants are simply referred to as non-flowering plants. Plants such as conifers, ferns and mosses are considered to be non-flowering plants. These plants do not flower because they pro... Read More »