Subjective Vs. Objective Cases?

Answer Nouns name people, places and things, but naming is only part of their job. Nouns also have case. Case, in the grammatical sense, refers to the role a noun plays in a clause or phrase, with sentenc... Read More »

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Objective Vs. Subjective Performance Evaluations?

Subjective and objective performance evaluations are two distinct ways of measuring employee effectiveness. Subjective performance evaluations rely more on intangible qualities that can't be measur... Read More »

C, visual C, Objective C...what is the difference?

C is a language, "Visual C" is the C half of Microsoft's C/C++ compiler. It's got a number of small additions to the standard language for developing Windows applications (plus a large collection ... Read More »

What are the difference between general objective to specific objectives?

General objectives are broad and long-term. Specific objectives are short term and narrow in focus. The general objective is met through accomplishing each of the specific objectives.Example :Gener... Read More »

Concerns With Subjective Evaluations?

Subjective evaluations are necessary for the evaluation of ideas and actions that can't be quantified into specific scores or individual tasks. The subjectivity occurs in the necessary development ... Read More »