What is the difference between northern american and southern american barbecue?

Answer This is a good article:Central Texas BBQ DynastiesWhat Becomes a Legend Most?BY VIRGINIA B. WOODBarbecue is everyman's chance for culinary greatness, where cheap cuts of meat like pork butts, beef ... Read More »

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What is the difference between Southern and Northern US food?

im a southern cook, so i can help you out with that more than northern. southern got a lot of its staples from native americans and africans. There are many staple dishes that came from people li... Read More »

When will the next audition for American Idol be in Southern CA?

Season 8 has Already started on TV and auditions are over

What is it like living in the southern American states particularaly Louisiana?

Louisiana has hot (or hot + humid) summers and mild winters. It's not hot all year.The southern half of Lousiana is culturally Catholic (not everyone is Catholic) and tolerant. Northern Louisiana ... Read More »

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