What is the difference between natural gas&fuel oil?

Answer In today's environmentally-aware climate, people want to know what their options are for powering their homes, cars and other modern conveniences. There are many ways to power ones' life, including... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between a Natural Hazard and a Natural Disaster?

Natural hazards and natural disasters share similar traits; in the fact they are geographical occurrences. Where they differ is in the affect on the human population and property damage. Natural ha... Read More »

Difference Between a Natural Gas Utility & Supplier?

Before any restructuring of the natural gas industry, natural gas was supplied by regulated public utilities in their designated service areas. Utilities obtained their natural gas from various lar... Read More »

Difference Between Synthetic & Natural Fragrances?

Concern over the use of synthetic fragrances versus natural fragrances is prevalent within the fragrance industry as well as people striving to lead a "green" lifestyle. Unfortunately, fragrances i... Read More »

What is the difference between epdm&natural rubber?

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer) and natural rubber are both types of rubber that are raw materials that are used to make numerous products. There are several differences between the two, wh... Read More »