What is the difference between music & movement class and other lessons?

Answer The first Intelligence to develop in a child is the Musical Intelligence. Music and movement helps children learn language skills, teaches co-operation, helps children develop attention span, teac... Read More »

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What is the difference between petty officer 1st class and 3rd class in the coast guard?

A third class Petty Officer (PO) is an E4.Second class PO is an E5First Class PO is an E6.Chief PO is an E7Senior Chief PO is an E8andMaster Chief PO is an E9Hope that helps

With SDHC memory cards, what is the difference between Class 4 and Class 6 What does this mean?

The SDHC classes were supposedly thought out to prevent consumer confusion, but so far it seems to have achieved exactly the opposite.The class number simply indicates the card's *minimum* sustaine... Read More »

Music & Movement Art Activity for Preschool?

By mixing music and movement in with your preschool art activities, you can give your pupils a chance to engage with the world around them and express their natural creativity. Because these activi... Read More »

Music and Movement Games for Preschoolers?

Anyone who's spent time in a room full of preschoolers knows they have energy to spare. Combining music with movement activities helps preschoolers work on multiple lessons at once. They'll learn a... Read More »