What is the difference between metallic&matte photo print?

Answer A photo print allows you to make prints of pictures and documents. Metallic photo prints, generally glossy, have a blend of film laminate layers. Matte photo prints are best used for printing text ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a dog&cat paw print?

Many people want to know the differences between cat and dog paw prints---whether it's a fox or coyote (dog family), a mountain cat or bobcat (cat family), or domestic dog and domestic cat prints.C... Read More »

I like to know what is difference between scan and photo?

Difference b/w Scan and Photo Read from below link

What is the difference between a regular print cartridge and a Moderate Yield one?

the difference on that one is. The 16 has 10ml of ink the 17 has 5ml. The 26 has 6ml of ink the 27 has 3ml. Moderate yield in terms of lexmark means they have only half filled the cartridges.

What is the difference between printer cartridges and cartridge print heads?

Printer ink cartridges may include built-in print heads, but others may not. Printer cartridges without attached print heads are designed for use with printers that have built-in print heads.Functi... Read More »