What is the difference between maple&rosewood necks on a fender strat?

Answer The "neck" of a guitar is another word for its fretboard. A Fender Stratocaster guitar, also known as Strat, may have a maple or a rosewood neck. Fender also makes Telecaster guitars with both mapl... Read More »

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V-necks or crew necks on guys?

V-necks, but you have to make sure the rest of the outfit is chill. Don't try to hard because then v- necks can make guys who are straight look gay.

Does a chiropractor work with necks?

What do peacocks with blue necks eat?

The term peacock generally refers to the male bird, as females are peahens. The blue-necked bird eats almost anything it can find from insects to flowers and plants to grains and worms. Domesticate... Read More »

Why are guitar necks different sizes?

Guitar necks are sized differently in a number of ways, primarily for the comfort of the player, and sometimes for the size of the person. There are several factors to consider, which include the n... Read More »