What is the difference between maple and oak cabinets?

Answer Oak and maple are two common types of hardwoods used in cabinet making. Either one of these types of wood makes for an attractive, light-colored kitchen cabinet when the wood is finished with a cle... Read More »

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What is the difference between maple&rosewood necks on a fender strat?

The "neck" of a guitar is another word for its fretboard. A Fender Stratocaster guitar, also known as Strat, may have a maple or a rosewood neck. Fender also makes Telecaster guitars with both mapl... Read More »

Difference Between Maple and Birch?

Birch trees that belong to the genus Betula and maples from the genus Acer do share certain characteristics that make them useful as ornamentals in the landscape. They have attractive forms and fea... Read More »

The Difference Between Maple & Golden Syrup?

The sap of some plants and trees is naturally sweet. Maple and golden syrup are both processed from sap and contain similar concentrations of sugar. The main differences are in taste and price, alt... Read More »

What Colors Go With Maple Cabinets?

Maple is a hardwood used to construct floors, tabletops, railings, moldings, doors and cabinets. It is appreciated for its beauty, durability and decorative flexibility. Maple cabinets come in ever... Read More »